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Special services

* Human resources development, training and capacity building
* Project management and implementation supervision
* Procurement assistance services
* Pre-investment services, feasibility studies
* Tendering processes, tender evaluations

Professionally executed project management is surely one of the most important elements to guarantee technically and financially sound development of any type of a project.

* Human resources development and capacity building form often an integral part of the development projects: Personnel of the recipient organizations will get multidisciplinary on-job training to special subjects throughout the project execution.

* FINNTYR’s internationally experienced project managers and site supervisors are used to lead multinational teams concerning management and supervision of any type of construction activity, guaranteeing timely executed works and non-compromised quality results in the supervised projects.

* In the initial stages of a new investment project, FINNTYR is able to provide all needed pre-investment and project preparation services that will assist the Clients in their decision- making. This guarantees sound and profitable project development for all interest groups concerned.

* By arranging International (or National) Competitive Bidding Processes, followed by professionally executed Tender Evaluations, we make sure that the Clients will get engaged with techno-economically most suitable construction companies and equipment/material suppliers in their new investment- or reconstruction/re-equipping projects.

Successful undertaking of the above services calls for vast experience and expertise from the specialists engaged. During over 20 years of our operation, we have gained relevant experience in numerous challenging projects in the countries of Central Asia, the Middle East, as well as in Russia and other countries of former Soviet Union.