Range of Services
Health Care
Special Services


* Problem analysis, feasibility studies, project preparation
* Forest inventories and utilization scenarios
* Monitoring and evaluation services
* Demonstration-, pilot- and wider-scale field implementation
* Training and capacity building
* Forest resource information systems
* Pulp and paper industry projects

FINNTYR, with its competent forestry specialist and multidisciplinary forestry sector expertise, is able to provide professional forestry services for State Forestry Departments, NGOs and private institutions, investors, operators and consumers. The range of our services covers e.g. the following areas of expertise:

Development of Forest Inventory and Planning Systems
* Solid waste management including collection, sorting and processing
* Environmental management, environmental impact assessments
* Restoration and development of bio-diversity of forests and lakes
* Fish farming, development of fish production- and breeding techniques
Development of Forest Inventory and Planning Systems
* Forest inventory and management planning by using ecosystem management approach;
* Preparation of management plans for the protected areas on forestlands;
* Involvement of local people and other stakeholders in forest planning activities;
* Preparation of national forestry development programs and plans
Development of Forest Resource Information Systems (FRIS)
* Designing of FRIS system to serve for different forestry programs and activities (e.g. forest inventory, forest cadastre, forest planning, project preparation, periodical monitoring, assessment, reporting, etc.)
Development of Forest Nurseries, Multipurpose Afforestation
* Establishment and improvement of forest nurseries (e.g. containerized seedling nurseries, bare-root seedling nurseries, ornamental seedling nurseries, etc.);
* Afforestation and rehabilitation activities for desertification combating and soil and water resources conservation purposes;
* Integrated watershed development by participation of stakeholders;
* Establishment and management of fast growing industrial forest plantations;
* Designing, establishment, maintenance of greenbelt plantations;
* Agro-silvi-pastoral plantations
Forest Utilization and Economics
* Financial analysis of forestry investments/projects;
* Harvesting, transportation, marketing of wood and non-wood forest products;
* Development of fish resources and fishery in forest waters;
* Development of small-medium scale enterprises processing forest products;
* Valuation of non-wood products and services of forests
We undertake assignments related to all types of forestry related projects and activities, always operating in compliance with sustainable forest management principles and the recipient country’s conditions. During execution of projects, one of our priority targets is to establish good relationships and an interactive working atmosphere with our Clients and other relevant stakeholders, being a trustworthy partner for them.