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* Solid waste management including collection, sorting and processing
* Environmental management, environmental impact assessments
* Restoration and development of bio-diversity of forests and lakes
* Fish farming, development of fish production- and breeding techniques

Today practically all new development projects and especially industrial investments have to be assessed in environmental and financial terms. FINNTYR possess the expertise to identify and tackle the environmental problems encountered.

* Energy production and utilisation have environmental impacts at global, national and local levels and governments are bound by international agreements to formulate their environmental improvement strategies and policies.

* Utilisation of renewable energy sources in energy production is gaining more and more footprint all over the world. Although still often considered as too expensive way of producing energy, it helps the governments to keep within binding international agreements concerning allowable limits of CO2 emissions.

* Proper handling of solid waste is often considered as a “local problem” – a problem which, however, too many times has been either completely ignored, or just unsatisfactorily managed, leading to environmental catastrophes and health endangering habitats.

* Burning of solid waste, utilising up-to-date “waste to energy” technology, has been identified as an ideal way of getting rid of the solid waste in an environmentally clean way – obtaining at the same time needed heat and energy as a “positive side-effect”.

As experts in the design of systems for reducing or mitigating environmentally negative impacts, our environmental specialists understand, quantify and resolve environmental problems, helping investors, operators, consumers and governments identify practical and cost-effective ways to improve the environment and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and standards.